Leaving No-One Behind in Lymm

UPDATE 04/01/2021: LNOBIL is still here for you as we enter a new national lock-down. Reach out to your street champion, your street WhatsApp group, or the central number for help.

We are still here to help you...

Look out for our new leaflet about support available from LNOBIL and also some helpful reminders and FAQs about the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

A new leaflet is on its way
The Leave No-One Behind in Lymm team has produced another leaflet which will be dropped off in your letter boxes at some point during the week starting 25th January 2021. This leaflet aims to remind you of the support available through the Leave No-One Behind in Lymm community volunteers. We have also liaised with local GP practices and a local GP to pull together a simple guide to the Covid-19 vaccination options available to you and a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. 

Update 4th January 2021: The Leave No-One Behind in Lymm (LNOBIL) team is still here to help.

As we enter a new national lockdown as from 5th January 2021, the LNOBIL team wants to re-assure you that our community response team is still here to support you if you are vulnerable, elderly, shielding or otherwise need assistance. As it has been quite a number of months since the previous national lockdown your original street champion may no longer be able to support you as their personal circumstances may have changed. If your street champion isn’t able to support, please get in touch with the central team on +447510749854 and we will try to find someone else who can help you.

Do you need to be re-added to the meal or food box schemes?

If you previously received food boxes or had a weekly meal and have removed yourself from the list, you can be re-added. Please complete the appropriate form and we will be in touch if we have any questions.

Do you need other support from the Leave No One Behind Central Team?

This form is to register anyone in Lymm or Warburton who is self-isolated, shielded or needs a bit of help. This includes help such as Prescriptions, Newspapers, Local Deliveries, Keeping in Touch Calls, understanding Council and Government Services, information on how to use Warrington Foodbank.

Forgotten who your Street Champion (SC) is or your SC is no longer available?

It’s been quite a few months since the initial National lockdown when we posted the Street Champion cards through your door. If you can no longer find your SC’s details, or your SC has moved on / unable to support, please call the central admin team number and let us know. We will be able to put you in touch with someone else who is able to help.

How we can help you...

Help With Shopping

If you are stuck for essentials and unable to get them yourself, your street volunteer can help you with this. Please do not hand over money before you receive the goods. Please try to limit purchases to under £20.

Arranging Deliveries

Many companies are now offering delivery services, but we know this might be new to you. Your street volunteer can help you to order online shopping or other delivery services.

A Friendly Phone Call

We understand that self isolating can be lonely and cause anxieties. You are not alone. There are dozens of volunteers across the village who would love to talk to you about anything, from a bit of village gossip, to chatting about last night's TV.

Posting Mail

Do you need to post some mail but can't get out? Maybe you need some stamps? Your street volunteer can help you with this. Many schools in the village are setting up pen pal schemes too and we'd love to help you take part.

Urgent Supplies

Perhaps you have a prescription that you need to be picked up? Your street volunteer can help you, they can typically pick up prescriptions on your behalf. They may also be able to help you register online with your GP to get repeat prescriptions.

Topping Up Your Meters

Let your street volunteer know if you need help with topping up your gas or electricity meter. Don't go without the essentials.

Walking Your Pets

Do you have a pet that isn't getting enough exercise and you are unable to get out? Ask your street volunteer if they can help. They can put you in touch with professional dog walkers too, several of which are listed on our business services page.

Anything Else?

If there is anything else that you need help with (within reason, and legal of course) then ask your Street Champion. If they can help they will. If they can't, the central team may be able to give you some advice.

How do you get help?

There are many ways in which you can get help from our Leave No One Behind in Lymm team. As a first port of call, this website provides quite a lot of information for frequently asked topics, details about local businesses offering deliveries and takeaway services, details about prescription delivery services, educational materials and other useful resources.

If you need personal help with one of the services mentioned above (e.g. food, dog walking, someone to talk to etc), then please contact your Street Champion (sometimes referred to as your SC for short). Your Street Champion will have put a letter through your door in March and you will have also been given an updated Tri-Fold glossy leaflet reminding you of the available support, this will have been through your letter box around the 16th to 20th April.

If you have a SmartPhone and downloaded the WhatsApp app, you may find that your Street Champion has also set up a local WhatsApp group for your street. This might prove to be a more flexible option to get access to more than one person if your Street Champion is already busy with something else.

If none of the above options provide you with the support you require, then please contact the central administration team on 07510 749854 and they will provide you with help, or point you in the best direction if it’s something we aren’t able to support you with directly. 


FAQ’s, resources and information on this website


Through your Street Champion


Through your Street WhatsApp Group 


The Central Admin Team
+44 7510 749854

Appreciations and gratitude

Just to say heartfelt thanks for the wonderful job that you are all doing. I am in the vulnerable category and my husband and I are both over seventy, it is so reassuring to know there is someone at the end of the phone if we need help. So many thanks indeed to all of you who have set this up and are making such a valuable contribution to the village during this difficult time.
Lymm Residents
Just a word of appreciation of what you are doing! Thank you for your card offering help. I’m 84, Ann is 81 and we both have mobility problems. I was on the verge of double Knee surgery when this issue struck. We are not in immediate need of help as we have always kept our freezer stocked, but limited life staples like bread, milk and potatoes are likely to become an issue. Anyway it’s comforting to know that you are there!
Lymm Residents

Contact us ...

If you would like to get in touch with the central admin team for any reason (such as if your Street Champion is unable to assist with something, or you would like to volunteer, donate funds, food or services), then please get in touch either through the central phone number, or by emailing the admin team as below and we will do our best to help.

Thank you – from your Leave No One Behind in Lymm team!!

07510 749854