Getting Help In Lymm

The Leave No-One Behind in Lymm team is able to provide support in multiple ways, including:

  1. A weekly hot meal scheme:

    We are delivering a hot meal to those who require a helping hand due to absent or limited cooking capabilities, financial challenges and personal circumstances. We will deliver one meal each Sunday on a recurring basis until you contact us otherwise. We deliver on a Sunday between 5-6pm and you would get a call on Friday to check in and confirm this. If you only require a single 1-off meal (ie not recurring), please contact us separately at

  2. Food boxes:

    We are able to provide food boxes to those with the facilities and capabilities to prepare a meal. This can be instead of or in addition to the hot meal option but will be subject to demand.

    Our scheme runs separately from Warrington Foodbank who offer food parcels and can also be contacted for assistance. To access Warrington Foodbank support, you normally need a referral from an agency but at the moment you can simply call 07583 080 521 and speak to the foodbank manager to get your ‘voucher’ approved.

  3. Our support network
    A support network through your street champions and central support team. This team is able to support you with some day to day activities that you may need help with, such as walking pets, collecting prescriptions, helping you to organise paying your bills etc. We also offer a weekly phone call check-in to make sure people are okay and have what they need to stay safe and are well. 

Weekly Hot Meal Scheme

A weekly hot meal delivered to your door by the LNOBIL team.

Food Boxes

A box of essential food items donated by the community and local businesses.

Other support services

For other support, e.g. collecting parcels, setting up internet shopping, paying bills.

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Getting help or contacting us

Your Street Champion

Your Street Champion should be your first point of contact if you need community help. You will have received a postcard and a 3-fold leaflet with details of who your Street Champion is.

Call the Central Team

If your Street Champion is unable to help you, or you would rather speak directly with the central team, please call us on:

Email Us

For anything else, such as submitting content, things for the radio, registering your business for the directory etc. then please drop us an email at: