Frequently Asked Questions

The central admin team have collated a list of the questions which we are asked most frequently and have provided some answers below. Hopefully this provides you with enough information on a topic, however if you still have any questions please get in touch with your Street Champion or call us on the central line. 


Both practices (Brookfield and Lakeside Surgery) will do an online consultation which will usually be all you need. Both practices will offer appointments – you will need to call to make these.


There is now a dedicated article on this website click here for information about how to get your prescriptions delivered.

One of the most common requests that we are asked is for collection of prescriptions from the Pharmacies in the village. As an alternative to asking the Street Champions to do this, you can get your prescriptions delivered directly from the pharmacy. To be able to get your prescriptions delivered, you need to change your DEFAULT pharmacy with your GP to be one that provides a Prescription Delivery Service.

You can change your default pharmacy using SystmOnline or by asking for it to be amended by your chosen pharmacy (see list below) or your Doctors surgery.
If you pay for your prescriptions, arrange payment with the pharmacy by leaving a card for payment of ongoing or one off prescription (& delivery*) charges.
To get Prescriptions delivered directly to home, get your DEFAULT pharmacy set up with your GP to be one that delivers. An excellent local pharmacy that has delivery capacity currently is Click Chemist. Call them on 01925 601663 or visit their website at

Can I pick up a prescription from the chemist for someone else?

The quick answer is yes.
You just need to know their name, address and Postcode and then you can collect the prescription for them from the pharmacy.
If you are dropping off the prescription form for them as well, you also need to know if they pay for prescriptions otherwise you may end up paying unnecessarily.
If they do pay for prescription, it may make sense for them to buy a ‘prepayment certificate’ by calling 0300 330 1341. A 3-month PPC costs £29.10 and will save them money if you need more than 3 prescribed items in 3 months. It also means you don’t have to handle cash.

Can I order a prescription from a Doctors’ surgery?

For any practice you can download and sign up for the NHS app. You can verify your ID for the app without coming into the surgery.
For Lakeside, you can request prescriptions using the dedicated prescription email address: Please include your full name, DOB, address and the name of the medication you are requesting.


Advice from Jill Cooper

If you are self-isolating and or social distancing then attending for dental appointments is not possible and if you can get to the surgery the treatment they can provide is very limited at the moment. Practices are operating a telephone help line for emergencies and treatment if totally unavoidable. If you have symptoms of Covid 19 (new persistent cough and/or fever you should not attend the practice).

It is important to make you all aware that we can only provide emergency dental appointments to patients who are ‘well’ and not thought to be infected withCovid19. If you are unwell with suspected Covid19, we would ask that you do not attend the practice. The NHS advice is currently to self isolate at home for 7 days and then seek the dental treatment you require after this period. If you feel you cannot wait this long, then you are advised to ring NHS111 where you will be told how to access the necessary care.

Further guidance can be found regarding dental care here.

Money Transactions

There is concern over acceptance of cash for health reasons: there is a fair amount of “fake news” on this matter. The physical handling of cash has always been a concern - cash does carry germs and therefore viruses. However, the World Health Organisation has made it clear that there is no specific risk for covid-19 above and beyond the usual risks.

The Co-Op is discouraging the acceptance of cash and therefore it should be anticipated that payment for any goods in the local stores will need to be by the volunteer’s own payment card. Clearly if volunteers are making larger purchases for a group they will not be in a position to use contactless transactions (remember that we suggested keeping transactions under £20 anyway). The contactless limit is increasing to £45.

  • Bank account transfers: into the bank account of the Street Champion (or volunteer) by the person being helped. You could have a “float” sent in advance that the SC would later account for: or maybe that the SC gets paid a specific amount after the goods have been acquired. You could talk the person through how to set that up or ask them to call a relative to help them out.
  • PayPal: By the use of a PayPal account - person being helped can make payments to the SC using a phone number or email address, in place of the more sensitive banking details required for a transfer. PayPal issue a prompt receipt / confirmation of the funds on arrival (see They have a help centre you can look at. It is, however, straightforward.
    Where the person being helped may themselves not have ready access to on-line banking or PayPal, it may well be the case that they will have a remote relative that could make the alternative arrangements.
  • Cash: There are health considerations with cash handling and less of an audit trail but this is reasonably straightforward. If you can, you could keep a record of smaller transactions and then “settle up” when you reach a certain amount (which you can decide with them).
  • Cheques: could be accepted if necessary, but they are never the safest and would also require handling and subsequent presentation, so present a risk in a variety of ways.
  • Debit/Credit Cards: In specific circumstances where the person is well known to you ,it could well be simplest to use their own debit or credit card for purchases, however we would strongly recommend that you do not do this except in exceptional circumstances
  • Pockits: Pockit provide a quick simple bank account for any persons that do not have banking arrangements ( although it is App based and will therefore require a smartphone.

And finally

  • Should the person being helped be unable to use any of these options we will have the facility to provide “cash back” via a mobile card reader - up to the contactless limit - as a last resort.
  • Note: This is through the Round Table and – as with all of this initiative –is being run by volunteers so they do have limited capacity.
Newspaper Deliveries
  • McColls in Statham do delivery, but are having supply issues - call them after27/03 to see if they can help. 759498
  • If you have your milk delivered by Sheldons Dairy, they will also deliver newspapers - 01565 634509
  • Newsteam also organise local deliveries - if enough people sign up in an area they don't already cover they will set up a round - call 01782 358998 or (They do seem to be covering all of Lymm)
  • While not a daily delivery, the Warrington Guardian deliver locally each week - call 0800 781 4754

I am a Street Champion - can I get access to the stores during the limited times for vulnerable customers?

Yes, you can, but please think about whether or not you actually need to do so during those times, bearing in mind what they are for.

The Lymm supermarkets will let you in during the reserved shopping hour. Show them your LNOBIL Street Champion pin badge or the LNOBIL Street Champion WhatsApp group as proof you are a street champion if asked.

Will the restrictions on numbers of items apply to me if I am shopping for someone else?

Yes - but if it is unavoidable please speak to one of the staff members to explain the situation and see what they can do to help.

I cannot find an item someone wants – where can I get it?

  • Do they need that specific item? I.e can you substitute it? Perhaps discuss this possibility in advance of going shopping.
  • Check the WhatsApp group (you can search for e.g “loo roll” or just “roll”).
  • Check the Leave No One Behind Facebook group (again you can search for e.g. “eggs”).
  • Look at the website ( and these FAQs.
  • Think about the alternatives – e.g. Sextons for bread.
  • If you are really stuck you can do a shout out on your Leave No One Behind WhatsApp group or on Facebook.

Where can I buy a thermometer from?

Try calling the local pharmacies in the village to see if they have any stock.

There are a number of options available at Amazon, however please check delivery times and check you are buying from a trusted seller.

Ebay is the best option – check it is from a UK supplier, for delivery time. Check seller ratings and reviews.

A person on my street has serious health issues and I’m not sure they are getting enough help – what can I do?

If you are aware of an Adult who may need help or support from the council they are still operating their Social Care team, and will be reclassifying people who need significant help.

If you/we can keep them supported on a local level, that's fantastic - that's what this scheme is about, but remember sometimes they really need professional support- if that's the case please log your concerns by calling: 01925 443322 during office hours.

Donating and Volunteering

Details coming soon

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